I am doing phase unwrapping and the snaphu program throws me the following error “it seems there was in error on execution or the defined tool output error pattern was found. Please consult the snap log file”.
Please refer to the snap log file".
Why is this happening, thank you very much.

Please share your parameters

  • size of the raster
  • columns / rows for unwrapping tiles
  • cost model and solver
  • overlap

Hello, what do you size of the raster?
My parameters are these

Sorry, I meant the number of columns and rows of the raster.

I am using IW1 and IW2, with deburts 1 to 4, in a downward interferometric pair. The parameters for unwrapping are shown in an image above. I hope those are the parameters you were referring to. Thank you very much for replying.
I am applying the following processes:

Is there a reason why you only used 1 comumn and row?

The unwrapping is aborted when there are unsolvable parts in the image. More tiles increase the chances for successful unwrapping. Please also use a higher number of overlap pixels.