Interferometric Vertical wavenumber estimation

I want to invert tree height from TanDEM-X pair images for that I need Kz (vertical wavenumber). Did not find any option here in SNAP for Kz file generation.
Please help.

PhD Research scholar
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing,
Dehradun, India

Dear Sadhana14, Could you generate Kz file in SNAP? If so, how did you do?


You can generate it with GITASAR: SAR image processing for beginners

Thanks @ABraun. I already tried to use the GITASAR, unfortunately, the tool is forced to exit after clicking OK to start the Kz calculation.

is your python link configured correctly?

Yes, I configured the python link from “Setting” > 'Configuration" > select the python.exe installed in my pc.

Which steps did you successfully undertake befor this?

I successfully imported ALOS 2 L1.1 data. After this process, master and slave xml files created were used as input files in the kz calculation.

I’m not sure, but maybe you first have to apply the coregistration?

I tried to coregistated two images using the oversample method, but it failed as in the kz calculation. The tool suddenly exits.

maybe @xhuang has an idea.