Interferometric vertical wavenumber

I am processing SAR data for retrieval of tomographic layers in order to estimate forest biomass. One of the key step is to estimate the Interferometric vertical wave number. How should I go about estimating the interferometric vertical wave number.?

I have the same question. @robertnag did you found a solution yet? Is there a possibility to do the calculation in SNAP?

might PolSARpro be an alternative? It features PolInSAR analyses and parameter extraction.

That is true but unfortunately the kz file estimation is not implemented in PolSARpro. I found an equation

in a tutorial of PolSARpro but I hoped to get a faster solution in SNAP.

How would you like to have it implemented? As a generated band I suppose?

Yes @mengdahl I would like to have it as a generated band.

I havent looked at that possibility @ABerni

Did you manage to get a solution in SNAP @ABerni

I am not sure yet how to implement the equation in snap, if you have any ideas, please let me know. Maybe I will use R otherwise.

Hello, has anyone found the solution of the problem yet? How to generate a band file of kz?
any method in polsarpro or snap? If its done by R also, how to do that?

Hi, anyone has solution to this yet?

this tool offers to calculate a kappa-z file: GITASAR: SAR image processing for beginners