Interferometry Oreville "Landslide scenario"

I was looking for a long time to apply TOPS on landslides or similar events, rather to predict them. Here is my processing result of Oreville event where there are 2 SLC products available, 1 day before the incident and 14 days back.

I call upon Interferometry gurus and would like you to share opinions if something like this is possible and if the measurements procured by the satellite could be interpreted as to connect them to the events that followed. And so if such a prediction is possible or not.

Default map:

Here are my results:


P.S.: Also would like to know if I am doing anything wrong.

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Dear sprd
About your experiment results I would say it’s modest since you are only detecting movement in a qualitative rate not in an accurate rate where you need to compare results to GPS records because all infrastructure have this records in your case the dam have inclometry records that help you smooth that results way better than just guessing -5cm due to fact I’m working also on landside detecting in area affected by huge reservoir.If you need further details or help I would like to help you.