Interferometry SAR ALOS PALSAR (Topo Phase Removal Failure)

Hi, I am doing Interferometry SAR with ALOS PALSAR data, the location is Merapi Mountain (Indonesia).
Date: 14 Dec 2009 and 17 Dec 2010. I already succeeded in the process until interferogram. but when I did the Topo Phase Removal the results did not come out. Is anyone know why it is?

Coregistration%201 Coregistration%202 Coregistration%203 Coregistration%204


Topo Phase Removal

This is the result of the Topo Phase Removal

I try to open the topo_phase_HH_14Dec2009_17Dec2010, but the result is just blank like the picture below.

Thank You.

Continue and find solution with the following threads please,

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Okay thank you, i’ll try it.