Interferometry Snap Strip Map Fogo

Hello! I build a displacement map for the Fogo volcano for 2017. I took a picture for January and build compared to this image for the following months. Here is an example of pairs of pictures on my models:

  1. 20170115_20170208
  2. 20170115_20170316
  3. 20170115_20170421
  4. 20170115_20170527
  5. 20170115_20170620
    and so on.
    Snap defines the master image for example 20170620, and not 20170115. When I build a blend map and take as master the image first 20170620, and then build another model where as the master image I take 20170115, the displacement map in each case turns out different.
    In this case master 20170620

    In the case master 20170115

    Which image should I take as the master? The one that defines a snap using a function “InSAR Stack Overview” or is it always 20170115?

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