Interferometry Tutorial


I am working through the tutorial published on this website

I followed it and getting the results up to step 4.

However, for step 5 it is taking exceptionally long time. I would like to know my mistake in this process. I do not know how to attach ppt file explaining the steps I completed and how I implemented Step 5. If I know how to do it, I will be able to share it with you.

I sincerely appreciate if you can help me understand why step 5 is taking so much time, specially the raster data computation.

Thanks for your help.

Dr. Manohar Deshpande

It does take a lot of time. The co-registration process took 1 hour for me. The speed depends on the RAM and processor speed of the PC or workstation you use.

Dear @ManoharDDeshpande dont use the full processing graph. Try to divide the graph and process your product step by step (single step).
secondly, the processing of co-registration depends upon the number of your slave images and number of sub-swaths.
If you have medium range machine it will take couple of hours (may be less depending on your number of slave images).
I suggest you to reduce the number of slave images, RAM should be 16 GB, and single process.