Introducing the EOMasters Toolbox

The EOMasters Toolbox for SNAP will be available soon.

A beta phase will be held shortly after the release of SNAP 10, and you can be part of it.
To participate you can comment this post, send a DM or us one of the other contact options at 10 users will be randomly selected from all applicants.

What will be inside the toolbox?
It contains quality of life features, like

  • Quick Menu
    Provides quick access to the most often used menu actions.
  • Band Maths Extensions
    Adds new functionalities to Band Maths, like window calculations and checking if pixels are invalid.
  • Wavelength Editor
    Allows to edit the wavelength properties of multiple bands and apply the changes to compatible products.

More to come in future releases.

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Dear Marco,
I’m very much interested in The EOMasters Toolbox for SNAP, hope to be one of the 10 users.
Thanks a lot.

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Is it SBAS will present in a future version of SNAP 10?

SBAS is not planned for the EOMasters Toolbox.
What the SNAP team plans, I don’t know.

Nice to be part of the beta testers :smile:

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Hi Marco and thanks for sharing,
I installed it and uninstall it many times, the issue is the menu has only reset windows, About SNAP, Check for updates. Nothing else available. SNAP 9, the latest version available, windows OS. Twice click doesn’t solve the issue. Thanks a lot.

Thanks Falah. I need to check it. Haven’t seen it before. But that’s why I’m doing this beta phase. Thanks again.

Beta phase of the EOMasters Toolbox for SNAP has started. There are still some remaining seats available. If you would like to join simply raise your hand.
Some of the features

  • Quick Menu
  • Loop GPT
  • Band Maths Extensions

It is out now.