Introducing the EOMasters Toolbox

The EOMasters Toolbox for SNAP will be available soon.

A beta phase will be held shortly after the release of SNAP 10, and you can be part of it.
To participate you can comment this post, send a DM or us one of the other contact options at 10 users will be randomly selected from all applicants.

What will be inside the toolbox?
It contains quality of life features, like

  • Quick Menu
    Provides quick access to the most often used menu actions.
  • Band Maths Extensions
    Adds new functionalities to Band Maths, like window calculations and checking if pixels are invalid.
  • Wavelength Editor
    Allows to edit the wavelength properties of multiple bands and apply the changes to compatible products.

More to come in future releases.

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Dear Marco,
I’m very much interested in The EOMasters Toolbox for SNAP, hope to be one of the 10 users.
Thanks a lot.

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Is it SBAS will present in a future version of SNAP 10?

SBAS is not planned for the EOMasters Toolbox.
What the SNAP team plans, I don’t know.

Nice to be part of the beta testers :smile:

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