Invalid S2 product while resampling

Hi everybody, I’m facing an error message while starting resampling a S2A product: "A problem occured during the target product initialisation Type OperatorException Message Invalid S2 source product
I use SNAP 8, I can calculate NDVI
Could it be due to the SAFE product or to the resampled production initialisation?
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Can you please share the product ID of the data which caused the error?
Was any other processing applied before?

Here is the product name
I did not do any process before

I downloaded your product and tested the S2 resampling which completed without any error.

How exactly did you load the data into SNAP?

Thx Andreas, I solved the problem, I was wrong by selecting S2resampling in “optical” “geometric” menu instead of “Raster” “Geometric” “Resampling” menu
I don’t know what is S2 Resampling processor
Now it works, sorry for the inconvenience

Hi, I have also run into errors trying to resample the new 4.00 sentinel 2 products in SNAP. I tried to run the Sentinel2 resampling processor but get the error ‘Invalid S2 source product’ which I assume is due to the changes in the QI file formats from gml to jp2. I updated to SNAP 8.0 hoping this might solve it but it still doesn’t work.
It does resample with raster/geometric/resampling but when I run the c2rcc processor (s2-msi) it doesn’t seem to work (returns zero throughout) so I assume that although the resample runs without errors it is not actually working (at least not in a way that is compatible with c2rcc processor).
Any ideas?

@marpet Do you have an idea here?

@RWhite is your SNAP 8.0 up to date (all updates installed)?
@FlorianD can you have a look? (in case this is happenning on SNAP 8.0 with all updates)

I thought so, I installed yesterday but I have just asked it to check for updates and it is currently downloading plugins so perhaps that will help, I will let you know!

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Good news, following the additional updates the S2 resampler worked fine.
Sorry, I assumed that installing the latest version would take care of the updates, thanks so much for your assistance!