Is it normal to get the atmospheric correction result like this?

Hello, I am performing atmospheric correction on the Sentinel-3 dataset using the C2RCC toolbox.

The uncorrected image versus the rhown output by C2RCC is as follows.

It seems that the colors of the corrected image are quite unnatural and deviating farther from the true color of natural water when comparing to the uncorrected image.

If it is normal, what is the cause for this behavior?

Thank you!

(1) uncorrected image (R: 665 nm, G: 560 nm, B: 442.5 nm):

(1) rhown image (R: 665 nm, G: 560 nm, B: 442.5 nm):

Yes, this is normal. At least for SNAP. The display depends on the minimum and maximum values of the image. SNAP cut’s of 2.5% at both ends to get rid of outliers.
You can use the Colour Manipulation to change the stretching of the histogram.