Is it possible to make shapes in SNAP?

Hello, I would like to ask for some help. I have used the biophysical tool to get some values from vegetation indices, and now I would like to sample differents farms inside the area.
I have already used the subset tool to delimit my area of interest.

Thank you!

You can retrieve the raster values below points using the Pin Manager, or you can digitize or import polygons and extract all values inside as tabular data (by right-clicking), but you cannot export shapefiles. (false! You actually can - thank you @marpet)

Sorry Andreas, to correct you. You’re a real SNAP expert but this is not correct.
It is possible to draw geometries and export them as shapefile.

The values covered by the mask can be best exported by right-clicking on the image and select “Export mask values”. Sometimes the enable state of this menu item does no change correctly. If it happens, try changing the selected element in the Product Explorer.
In the upcoming dialog select the drawn geometry.


Thank you @marpet, you are completely right about this. I forgot about this option.

Maybe @katherineac29 can clarify what kind of export she needs for her analysis.

Thank you very much for your accurate answers @marpet and @ABraun. @ABraun I would like to obtain the values contained in 30 pixels which compose the area of one farm. The shape is to delimit the exact 30 pixels that I am going to sample.

Then the export of mask pixels described by @marpet is probably what you need.