Is MERIS FUB/WeW water processor suitable for S3 OLCI in SNAP 6.0 ?

When I use the OLCI as the source product of this processor and it works. But when I try to 【open the RGB window 】of the FUB processor output, the result is regarded as MERIS L2 product by SNAP, see the picture as below:

So,I am afraid of the processor works just regard the OLCI as MERIS instead of suitable for OLCI, and anyone knows whether this processor is suitable for OLCI?

No, the FUB/WeW is not intended for OLCI.

Thank you for your reply. So the FUB/WeW working for OLCI in SNAP 6.0 is just a BUG?

Not really a bug. It was just a test if it works with OLCI. But it was never validated. So there is no guarantee about the quality.

Thank you. I’m just doing some work on validation of different AC processors results for OLCI in my study area, and I think this processor can be discussed in my work.

Please, get in contact with Michael Schaale from FUB before you are using it for publications. He and Thomas Schröder did the scientific work of this processor. And I know that they didn’t want this OLCI-version to be public. They only agreed to have the OLCI support only as a hidden feature. Now, it is not hidden anymore. :slight_smile:

OK. I will contact Michael Schaale before I use it for publications.