Is there a free interferogram archive for certain parts of the globe?

I have been looking for interferogram library to check the validity of my results and to aid me check for errors, etc. by making comparsions but I have only found GMT SAR which only covers San Andreas. DO you have any clue where I can find interferograms open-source library available for public use, if such opportunity exists?

There are geocoded and unwrapped interferograms (called GUNW) processed from Sentinel-1 data over several areas of the Earth by the Caltech-JPL Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis (ARIA) project that are archived and can be downloaded for free from the NASA Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) archive. The data has been processed with the ISCE2 software and saved in a special HDF5 format that is readable with the ARIA-tools package or other HDF5 software. The format is similar to what will be used for NISAR interferograms next year.

To download the GUNW interferograms from ASF, you only need to have a NASA EarthData login (same as used for downloading SRTM data from the NASA Eros Data Center archive).
The ASF archive is searchable, choose the “ARIA S1 GUNW” products.

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Is it possible to read/view those interferograms on windows OS?

The ARIA-tools package is available from GitHub and can be installed via “conda”. I don’t know if it runs on Window OS, but if you can install Anaconda or Miniconda, then you should be able to install it.
See the ARIA-tools page for details: