Is there a function to relate lat-lon coordinates to relative orbit and frame?

the title says it all, or most of it…

I have a list of 20 points that I wish to monitor, and want to know how to identify the relevant files from the “relative orbit” and the frame, so that I can download these.
i.e. F(lat, lon) => [RelOrb/Frame, …]

Is the result of such a function likely to change over time?
I work in Python, but if I can obtain this info from SNAP, GPF, that works for me too.

Many thanks for any help (or URLs to relevant info)

There are plans to add “active monitoring”-functionality to SNAP during this year. This functionality should allow you to define regions of interest and have the toolbox download all the products automatically when they appear on scihub. If you have some feature-requests for this functionality please let me or @lveci know.

If you want to access the SciHub then you have already everything you need.
It is possible to use the so called API Hub and retrieve products for a geo-location.