Is there a limit on the number of the products that can be imported into SNAP?

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I have been trying to import 90 products (SAR images) into SNAP, and I noticed that it always limits the number to 32 products without any warning. Interestingly, I couldn’t find any explanation for this issue.

In my case, it is not really necessary to import all the images. I just happened to try it and noticed the limit. I am curious about the reason behind it. I would like to know if this constraint is related to my hardware or something related to the software itself.


To process hundreds of Sentinel-1 SLC scenes and thousands of interferograms even on a common laptop, you can use PyGMTSAR (Python InSAR): GitHub - mobigroup/gmtsar: PyGMTSAR. In addition to InSAR processor it includes detrending, 2D SNAPHU and 1D SBAS pairs unwrapping, SBAS and PSI analyses, seasonal and long-term trend detection, along with more features in an interactive environment.

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Adomac here has a special case - opening lots of products in the GUI at once. SNAP can also used to process countless on images one-by-one calling gpt from the command-line.

I don’t know if 32 is just a co-incidence or whether some hard limit is hit. People often run out of RAM with a smaller number of scenes. @diana_harosa

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Could you please explain how it’s possible to build and process a co-registered stack by opening only one image at a time?

We do it by processing pairs. :wink:

But what do you mean by ‘pair’ in a situation where only one image can be opened at a time? It appears to be amplitude image processing for a GRD product.