Is there a way to export single band fom mulitband data by using band expression of pixel exractor tool window?


i just wanna make a research about parameters provided by GLDAS 2.1 NOAH LSM. Gldas noah project started as the year 2000 and data has total amount of 36 parameters plus 3 hours of temporal one specfifc loaction(pixel) has nearly data of 60000 different times(from past till today 2000-2022) and each data contains 36 diferrent parameters as bands. and example of gldas 2.1 noah data has shown below

the thing is i want to export of specific 44 pixels’ all gldas noah 2.1 lsm paramters from the first data taken till this day. it means i have to export nearly 36 parameters for nearly 60000 data taken by different times. i tried to use pixel exractor tool(which is a great tool btw) but as you can see data is tremendous and it takes to much time to write.

so i just wondered since there is a ‘use expression’ option in pixel exractor is there a way to a export single band one by one from each multiple band data? this option would probably save a lot of time from exporting all bands at the same time.

hope you understand my question. thanks in any advance

The pixel extraction does not allow to tailor the data to one band. But you can use it within a graph and add a subset operation before.
A guide is available here: Bulk Processing with GPT - SNAP - Confluence (