Is there a way to get flat earth and topo phase?

Hello, I really find st1tbx useful and handy. However it would be really useful getting the flat earth and the topographic phases (or their sum) as an additional band, in the same master image reference (SLC). The toolbox compute them, and reasonably good, but I find no way to get them !

I also have the same problem, but I think there is a way calculate the wrapped flat earth phase and topograhpic phase:
you have origin product to process in step1 and step2
step1: using the tool (like Interferogram Formation), select Subtract flat-earth phase, then you will get a product called phase_0
step2: without selecting Subtract flat-earth phase you have a product called phase_1
step3: phase flat_earth = wrapToPi(phase_0 - phase_1), the wrapToPi is a function in matlab, which wraps the phase in [-pi, pi]