Is there a Windows installer for the beta version?

Hi all,

Been trying to find the SNAP installer for Windows from the download link being referred to a few times aka this page Download – STEP however can’t find any download link there other than the github but appears to be more linux, stand to be corrected. Not sure if something is not appearing perhaps?

I’ve found the previous versions for Sentinel 2 toolbox to download though, however I see SNAP is really needed.

Any assistance, great appreciated, thanks.


Just enter you email again and you’ll get a new link to the latest.

Thanks Iveci, Just re-entered the email now. Is it automatic? Just thought I’d add - I’ve entered it three times before and no links came so was wondering. Thanks.

Just entered my gmail address and the link arrived immediately, seems the system is blocking my work address, odd as it works for other ESA systems. Downloading now, thanks.