Is there any tools in SNAP for extract all pixel information in a single file?

Hi, I want to extract all pixel information of a SAR image in a single file. Are there any tools present in SNAP? I tried Raster->Export->Extract Pixel Value. But it did not work. is it possible to extract all present pixel information present in entire SAR image? Or I have to take help of any other software or language?

Do you mean that you want all the pixels in a single file, for example a GeoTIFF?

Yes sir, It can be a docx file or text file or any other file format and don’t want to lose any information. All I just want to read that pixel information from a python code with the help of that exported pixel info file.

You can use File / Export / CSV. This will create a text file with the data you want.
But be careful the file might get huge. Several GB.

You can also draw a shape on the image and then right-click on the image and select from the menu Export Mask Pixels. Sometimes the entry stays disabled. The open another image and go back. Then it should be enabled.

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A Sentinel-image can have 100 million pixels. Writing everything into a text-file pixel-by-pixel is not very efficient or elegant…