Is there any way to get around the one per half hour sentinel LTA requests?

I need to download a lot of archived data, but I can only request one per half hour!?

Is there any way to get around this?

Can I contact someone who works with the scihub and give them a list of the data I need so they can request its retrieval?

I tried messaging support but haven’t heard anything back yet.

There are other repositories that may contain the dates you are looking for, e.g:


Hello @etomps Emma,

Have you tried something like this: Downloading Sentinel-2 data in Bulk?



S2 MPC Operations Manager

To circumvent this issue, I’m using the Alaska Satellite Facility

I think this is a deliberate limitation imposed by the server designer to stop spamming of requests. I haven’t found a way to circumvent this. Instead I wrote a simple script in python that waits 30.1 mins between making queries to the LTA. It takes longer than it should but eventually gets the job done. Let me know below if you would like me to share the script.

Ended up doing the same thing, so frustrating though. I understand why but still is a pain.

@dtlloyd Hey, could you share your script, please ?