Is there anyone ever succeed with Sen2Cor on SNAP?


have you tested the stand-alone version of Sen2Cor?
In any case, if you prefer using the installation with Anaconda, you have to install Anaconda with python 2.7. Please, see

Look here, especially tast post from Nicolas on modifying the SMAP environment:

Thanks for your reply, I also tried Anaconda2 with Python 2.7, then this happened:

Yes, I did,
Comes with:
Sentinel-2 Level 2A Processor (Sen2Cor), 2.4.0, created: 2017.06.05 started …
file does not exist: C:\Users\WolfA\Documents\sen2cor\cfg\GIP_L2A_AC

–GIP_L2A_AC is an optional argument. It is thought for expert users as is mentioned in the release note for SIIMPC-850. If you use this, you have to specify either the full path where this (your own configuration) is located or you have to put your own L2A_AC_GIPP.xml configuration file in the configuration directory. Unless you have a dedicated reason to use your own configuration file for atmospheric correction , do not use this argument.

Your call should simply be: L2A_Process --resolution=10