Is there no spectral unmixing tool available for a processing graph?

I am relatively new to snap. I would like to processes a large number of S2 images using the spectral unmixing tool through graph batch processing, but it seems thatit isn’t available via graph? Is that correct?
Thanks for any help!

You can use the spectral unmixing in a graph but not in the graphical Graph Builder. You need to create the graph xml file manually and use it from the command line

In the short term our goal is to ensure that all tools and operators work in the Graph Builder as well.

I’ve also created an issue in the JIRA issue tracker:

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Ah, I see. That’s great. Is there a generic xml command for the unmixing tool, so that I know I am referencing the inputs properly? If so, where might I find it? Google searching hasn’t uncovered anything.
Thanks for the help, everyone!

You can configure one example in the SNAP Desktop. Then you can select from the processor File menu Save Parameters… or Display Parameters…

This will show you the parameters part.

On the command line, you can call gpt -h unmix

This will print you all information. Also a full graph example with template content.
You can replace the parameter part in this template by the one you have taken from the processor.

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I use the Spectral Unmixing in SNAP with Sentinel-2 images, everything works perfectly.To optimize my workflow, I want to use the graph builder. I use the XML code of the Spectral Unmixing in my graph and I get the following error:

(I tried the same thing in python with snappy and I get a similar error but this time it’s : RuntimeError: java.lang.IllegalStateException: no converter defined for value ‘sourceBandNames’)


graph2.xml (3.0 KB)

Is it running without graph or Python?

Did you take a look at the is thread? Source of the thread

Tlor writes that in SNAP it is running without error. I think the problem is that the graph tool doesn’t allow to insert a Unmixing operator (doesn’t exist in the graph menu) and therefore, some parameter (“converter”, whatever this means) might be missing in the XML if one creates it manually.

In the command lineI looked at the parameters for the LSU (with gpt -h unmix). The “converter” parameter does not appear.
In the graph or in python I have the same converter problem.