What are the approx values of LSLR, RSLR(in azimuth and range) and ISLR for a point target analysis of a GRD image.

Hi, Please the table below for the sidelobe ratios - integrated sidelobe ratio (2D and 1D) and peak sidelobe ratio for S1 GRDH products. These ratios are better for SLC products (single rather than multi-looked).

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Thanks you very much sir!!.

Sir, may I please know when these values were obtained (year)?

Hi, these measurements were made in 2016 but they will still be the same now (since the GRDH product specification has not changed).

Hi Peter,
Please can you explain why the 2D ISLR is always considerably less than the 1D range and azimuth ISLR? Intuitively I’d have thought the ratio over the whole area would be less for the 2D ISLR as the sidelobes are predominantly only in the range and azimuth directions, or am I being dim here?

I’ve been trying to compare papers measuring the Sentinel-1 sidelobe spec with the TerraSAR data and they seem to measure the 1D range and azimuth ISLR separately, is there any easy way to approximate the 2D ISLR from them?

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Dave Pedlar

Hi @peter.meadows can you please tell me that point target analysis can be performed using SNAP tool or not? I want to calculate range, azimuth resolutions, ISLR and PSLR in range and azimuth of Sentinel-1 product. Is it possible using SNAP?

Hi, I don’t believe there is a way to calculate these point target parameters in SNAP. However, the S1 annual reports will include values for these parameters. See Sentinel-1 Annual Performance Report 2021 - Sentinel Online (

Thank you so much @peter.meadows . The document you refered me was very useful for me