Issue in viewing Band 11 in L1C product using 2.0-beta-06


I am experiencing an artefact in viewing Band 11 from Orbit 001300 in the latest version of SNAP. I am using Desktop

There seems to be an artefact that results in the portrayal of the Band being significantly reduced. I attach a screenshot of the view I have.

The red square in the Navigation highlights the footprint of the L1C tile for B11, The righthand pane shows the artefact. The location of the artifact is in the grey highlighting pane in the Navigation Pane.



Hi Jan,

I don’t think that it is an artefact. Probably it is a line you have
drawn accidentally. Use the selection tool to select it and press /del/
to remove it.
Probably you can find a node named ‘geometry’ in the product tree within
the ‘Vector Data’ group. You can also delete this ‘geometry’.

Hi Marco,

Yes… I think you’re right. I had made a profile plot in Band 4 before opening Band 11, and I think this was maybe sme kind of leftover. I raised it as it as I had previous experience of a similar appearance in an earlier release, and I admit to letting my experience influence my decision :smile:

Thanks for your time, and thanks for the feedback