Issue with DEM-Assisted-Coregistration

Dear community members,

I am a beginner in SAR data processing and I am currently facing an issue while attempting to perform DEM-Assisted-Coregistration.
I would greatly appreciate any guidance and assistance you can provide regarding the cause of the problem and possible solutions.

When attempting to perform DEM-assisted-coregistration, I receive a code
0 response. Unfortunately, I am unsure of the exact cause behind this error and how to resolve it.

Current situation:

  1. I have downloaded two ALOS/PALSAR datasets from ASF Data Search.

  2. Following the guidelines provided in the “ALOS PALSAR Orthorectification Tutorial” (, I have performed the necessary preprocessing steps for each dataset.

  3. However, upon attempting to execute the DEM-assisted coregistration process, the progress reaches only a few percentage points under the message “computing raster data…” before the process seems to hang, with no further output. When reviewing the error log, I consistently encounter the following error message. It is worth mentioning that these errors occur regardless of the DEM selected for the process.

Error log snippet:
messages_extracted.log (3.8 KB)

I am using SNAP 9.0.0 on Windows.

My ultimate goal is to perform offset tracking between these images.
Therefore, I am keen to address this issue and proceed with the coregistration process. Any insights or suggestions you can provide to help me resolve this problem would be highly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,