Issue with Land/sea mask and Acquisition date

I’m currently facing 2 issues:

  1. I’ve performed Sentinel-1 GRD land/sea mask with the shapefile I already have. Even after the land/sea mask is performed, the files are too large (each around 5GB) and are taking more than half an hour to load into SNAP. I’m running the images on 32 GB RAM and still facing the issue. Kindly, let me know how this can be resolved.
  2. The acquisition date is not changing while stacking or using batch processing for the temporal data I have. It’s showing as 01Jan2000 for all the files. Kindly suggest what can be done.

Thanks for your time.


maybe the shapefile is larger than the product and the size of the product is expanded to the extent of the shapefile?

A screenshot of your data would help

I don’t know how SNAP structure the file after masking. But I guest the Land/Sea mask function only masks out the the intention area, it does not delete the masked area. Therefore, the file size is still too large as the size of the original image.
The Subset function may clip out the out site areas. However, this function does not allow to subset image using vector boundary. This function should be improved.

I am having the same problem that SNAP open the image is quite slow now.
If we check the computer system (Task Manager), SNAP seem does not release the RAM Memory, it always remains high memory performance. ;(

yes, this is true. When to apply Mask in S1-Workflow

I can recommend to fully close SNAP from time to time to release memory.

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Thanks @ABraun
That what I did. I used to have to SNAP after each run. This is quite inconvenient approach.