Issue with results of Stamps

Hello Everyone.
I have completed the stamps processing and here i got some results but i think results are not so fine can any one guide me about how to refine my results??

did you have a look at the mean displacement? Even if some interferograms are biased, you can still retrieve an average pattern which makes more sense.


Also, you can exclude the interferograms which are of bad quality by adding a list to this command:

ps_plot('v-do', 4, 0, -1, [1,2,3,4,7,8,9]

Or you drop the bad interferograms from the scla estimation:


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Thank you so much for your quick response …no i did not try these steps… i will try this first… thank you once again @ABraun

Based on what observations should I make the decision to drop certain interferograms and re-run unwrapping process?
because based on those interferograms, they are all dominated by atmospheric noise and the cyclic interferometric fringes are not present however there’s a gradational pattern from south-west to northeast (while the study area is dominated by high plateau and plain areas near the eastern and north-eastern margin that terminates with a water body (the blank white areas)

those are the results of the calculated SCLA

Here’s an example of a wrapped phase of the interferogram with highest calculated SCLA (174m) and its equivalent unwrapped phase

And here’s what the aps linear-based atmospheric contribution for the same interferogram,
calculated based on the obsolete script from TRAIN

And this is an example of GACOS ZTD map of the area

And here’s a dgital elevation model of the area color-ramp-modified from the original ALOS PALSAR High resolution terrain corrected DEM