Issues related to Sentinel-1 OCN data

I cannot correctly visualize or export Sentinel-1 OCN data in SNAP. May this be related to a problem with the reader?
I am using the the current software version (SNAP v3.0 with all the updates installed as 07/07/2016).

Specifically I can report the following issues:

  • Opening the ‘’ file inside the OCN product correctly display all the Bands of the product in the ‘Product Explorer’ tab. When opening the netCDF file inside ‘./measurement/’ folder of the product (using both ‘Generic NetCDF Data Product’ and ‘NetCDF following CF-Convention’) the data is opened as multifolder band product and many bands are not displayed (e.g. ‘owiWindSpeed’).
  • When data are displayed (e.g. band ‘owiWindSpeed’) images of descending passes are flipped on the horizontal axes.
  • In ‘Product Library’ tab, the resolution is set to ‘99999 x 99999’, and time is set to ‘00:00:00.000000’. (Continuing the discussion from [Issues related to Product Library] Issues related to Product Library).
  • In the ‘Pixel Info’ tab wrong Latitude and Longitude are reported. Displayed extent is on the order of few seconds, while actual extent is some degrees (in CRS WGS84 DD). Extent is correctly displayed in the image footprint of the ‘World View’ tab.
  • When trying to subset and export the dataset, a flipped and small scale dataset is generated (even using the ‘Reproject’ operator).

Hope the reported issues can be useful to fix the product reader.


I agree support for the OCN products is poor. Currently only the visualization in the WorldWind Analysis View is implemented. We will be adding exporting of data to shape and raster in the coming year.

From the menu, go to View -> ToolWindows _> WorldWind Analysis View
Then open the S1 OCN zip or manifest files.

Thank you for the information., I will try to use the new functionalities when they will be released.
I did not know about WorldWind Analysis tool, I add a screenshot of it.


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Thanks very useful

I have downloaded two Sentinel-1 Level-2 Ocean (OCN) products. I wanted to use owi wind speed and wind direction but it has many no values, but fortunately the product also has ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) data for both WS and WD.
So my question is how much we rely on this data for analysis?
Some information about the product is available here:
@lveci @ABraun need you expertise.