Issues with ESRI ShapeFile

Hello community,
I opened Sentinel-3 OLCI Level-2 WFR data in SNAP. When I tried to import ESRI Shapefile from File–>Import -->Vector–>ESRI Shapefile, the products in Import Vector are not highlighted to import ESRI Shape file. How can I open ESRI shape file in SNAP and how to open all these bands in Arcmap?? Please suggest how can I do these works

you can only import vector data when you select a raster product (not band) in the Layer Manager. Please also see here: Import of data into SNAP

Thank you ABraun for the response. But in Sentinel-3 ,I can able to import ESRI Shape file on Level-1 data, but not for Level-2 OLCI WFR Data. For Level-2 ,it shows error as "current geocoding cannot convert from geographic to pixel coordinated ".

I see… So this is more related to the format, @marpet can maybe say something about it.

Ok. After subset can we open these files in ArcMap??. In general we open tif files in ArcMap, so need to convert all the bands data to tif. Is this possible with SNAP?

Colleagues find NetCDF-CF import in Arcmap is easier than working with GeoTIFF’s because more metadata are preserved in NetCDF.

There are ways to store metdata in auxiliary files (for GeoTIFF and PNG), but support is still uneven while NetCDF-CF is a well established format with strong standardization.

this is not always necessary. Please have a look at this tutorial: Export of products from SNAP

@suchitra Can you tell the name of the products you are using and if possible share also the ESR shapefile?
Then we can try to reproduce this.

Hello marpet, I am using Sentinel-3 OLCI Level-2 WFR Data, I want to clip all 21 bands with a shape file and save it as .tif for further processing. Please find the shape file hereChk_clip_small.rar (3.4 KB)

Can you also name one of the products? Then I do not need to search for products compatible with the shapefile.