IW3 in SNAP 9.x

Dear All,
I am trying to open an process a S1 slc image recently downloaded from the new ESA Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem.
The image is missing the IW3.
I read this is a know issue.
I wonder whether there are news about it and if there is a fix apart unzipping and zipping again.
Thank you.

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Dear @Salvatore,
The fix is not yet available, but there’s no need to compress the product again. You cam open the unzipped product using the manifest.safe file.

Please help.
I want to conduct an analysis using Sentinel-1’s IW3.
I’ve downloaded the SLC data ZIP file and tried dragging and dropping the manifest.safe into SNAP, but it won’t open due to an error.
Even when I select

File→Import→SAR Sensor→Sentinel-1

and choose manifest.safe, it still won’t open.
How can I open the manifest.safe file properly?

Sorry, I’ve resolved it myself.
It seems that some of the extracted data was corrupted. After downloading it again and extracting, I was able to load the data by dragging and dropping. Thank you for your concern.