Java error after upgrade

Today I was offered an upgrade. After executing it I’m getting an error when loading SNAP. See the screenshot below

I’m not able to open any image from the products I have.
Please advise!

I recall seeing another post with a similar error, but a search didn’t find it . Posting screen captures is getting out of hand – they aren’t searchable, often cut off important parts of the error message, and make if harder to quote sections of the text. You should also mention the details of the upgrade and your platform (Windows, Linux, or macOS; OS version, RAM capacity).

I fully agree. We have now added this here in the FAQs:

My idea is to have SNAP developers engaged not the users of this forum.
Sorry for not putting the message as text.

Even SNAP developers need the full error message.

Also, please specify what kind of upgrade, what is your current SNAP version.

The feedback from the users of this forum is the purpose itself of SNAP community forum.
Even if they aren’t SNAP developers, a lot of users on this forum have a lot of experience with the program and often troubleshoot and even suggest fixes for some of the posts here. And regardless of that, even a developer might want to see the error message as text in order to be able to search after that error message. So if you can copy and paste the error message, please do that.

And specifically for update problems, it would be very helpful if you could mention the version you previously had and the version you’ve upgraded to.

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It seems the upgrade didn’t work well.
I would suggest to uninstall SNAP, do a clean reinstallation of SNAP8 and then do the update again.
If it still fails, the log file would be useful to find out what’s going wrong.
You can find the log file by selecting from the menu Help / Show Log Directory.
If this doesn’t work, it is in <UserDir>\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\var\log on Windows.
Make sure to reproduce the error first and then attach the messages.log file.

Dear all,
Thank you for your help and suggestions. It was my mistake that I didn’t share the error message as text.
As @marpet advised I made clean install of SNAP and now it works fine event after the upgrade.
The current version of the SNAP Desktop/Engine is 8.0.5, S1TBX 8.0.4

Best regards.