Jupyter Notebook - snappy - NDVI calculation

Hi there,
I am trying to develop Jupyter Notebook tutorial on calculation of NDVI over the area using 4 Sentinel 2 images downloaded from Copernicus Hub. As I am completely new in this topic and the use of snappy in JN I would consider any help. Do you have solution for example how to plot band composite in snappy using probably numpy as well. I am trying but cannot create a band stack from the numpy… Also I cannot find any source where NDVI is calculated from S2 images and then displayed in JN. My task is to perform a step by step instruction in JN and process everything there also displaying results.
I would appreciate any suggestion!
All the best

There are some example Jupyter Notebooks at techforspace/sentinel: Repository created for the Earth Observation Sentinel project (github.com)
Maybe they can help you to get started.
This is also linked on our tutorial page, in the External Resources section.

Here’s an interesting example using GDAL:

You can also try to use Snapista

Perhaps you can find some of the examples useful.