Kappa coefficient and accuracy as classification (Random Forest Classifier)

Dear ABraun,
Once the classification of Sen2 data in SNAP has finished. Is there any possibility to Convert the classification of AOI into shapefile, so it can be easily symbolized in ArcGIS?
That step is well known in ENVI but I do not know how to do it in SNAP? any tips on this matter?
Thanks, Farman

currently, SNAP cannot convert rasters to vector.
You find some notes on using SNAP outputs in ArcGIS here: Export of products from SNAP

Dear ABraun,
Thanks for the tutorial regarding Export products from SNAP. If I cannot convert raster to vector in SNAP, how I can make a nice layout for AOI classification that I have done it already in SNAP. And also, I have to clip the AOI by a shapefile and I could not find any solution to do so in SNAP so far!

I recommend using QGIS for both.
You have a wide range of map creation tools there and also the chance to clip the data from SNAP by a polygon.

Two of many examples:

As explained in the tutorial, you don’t need any export from SNAP. Just use the img file inside the data folder

Thanks ABraun for your usual swift reply. I will follow your recommendation and provide you with my progress regarding the issue… Thanks again