Keymap keyboard shortcut does not work as expected

Hi all,

I’m using Sentinel-1 toolbox (SNAP 8.0). I’m currently trying to use Radar > Coregistration > Stack Tools > Create Stack option on 1-year Sentinel-1 A/B GRD products. My aim is to arrange the products based on the acquisition date. As far as I understand, this is only possible by using the move up/move down buttons. The problem is that I have too many products to arrange by clicking the button, so I tried to define a keyboard shortcut on Tools > Options > Keymap at Move down/Move up actions and make my life easier. However the keyboard shortcuts do not seem to work when I use them on the Create Stack tool, while they work properly for other actions. I tried this on 3 different OS (Ubuntu 16.04/20.04 and Windows 10).

Do you have any ideas on what the problem might be? Are there any alternatives that you can suggest?

Thank you

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