Kml as training set for S2 classification: serious problem

Good morning,

I want to some supervised classification via SNAP with some Sentinel2 product. As a training set I should use the data contained in a kml file, but in SNAP the vectors can be imported only as shapefile. I have tried to convert the kml to a shapefile in QGIS and actually I can then import it in SNAP, but it can not see properly the labels of the classes that are fundamental for classification. How can I solve this? @ABraun have you got any knowledge about that?
Thanks so much

to have points as training samples they need to have the followings attribute structure

ID, class
1, forest
2, forest
3, water
4, urban
5, forest
6, urban

If you manage to convert the attributes of your KML imported into QGIS into this structure, SNAP will recognize it correctly.

As collecting a sufficient number of training points can be exhausting, maybe these considerations help you as well: Number of training samples at Random forest classifier