Kml/csv StaMPS export for kriging in QGIS

Dear all,

I have succesfully processed PSI analysis with SNAP/StaMPS for the eenter image description herevery first time! I exported a kml aswell as a csv file. Now, I want to try out the Smartmap-plugin in QGIS, yet I have not much QGIS experience and can’t seem to wrap my ghead around the attribute table of the kml file and the output of the csv-file.

first of all: what I want to do next:

I want to import a layer of the ps-points with their specific displacement values, with a graduated filter regarding the values in QGIS. Now, I’m aware that this is done with the filter tool, but I cant select the description sector for the graduated filtering. Furthermore the “description” seems to contain the values, which I don’t really grab to understand and is combined with a lot of strings. Thats my main and only problem.
I’m sorry to ask, since this is more of a QGIS, data prep-question, yet I’m clueless how to deal with this.

I’m thankful for every answer and help!

Best regards Simon