KML Export from SNAP

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I would like to see my InSAR processing using SNAP in google earth but my exported KML file is huge (180 MB) and I cannot open it in google earth. Could anybody guide me about how I can decrease the size if this file expects to make a subset or decrease the spatial resolution?

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to decrease the spatial resoluton you can

  • multi-look at an earlier stage (after computing of the interferogram)
  • resample the image (by selecting a larger pixel size in the terrain correction step)

to decrease the extent of the exported kml you can

  • zoom in and right-click > spatial subset from view

@ABraun Thank you so much for your nice information. Without these ways, is it not possible to decrease the size of KML file to see simple in google earth?

unlike “Export View as Image”, the KML export doesn’t have advanced options

So you can only zoom in and export this subset (maybe without creating the subset at least).