KML to Layer for ArcMap

I am trying to convert the KML file named map-overlay, located in the preview folder in the extracted .SAFE folder, into a layer file such that I can use it for visualizing my AOI. Unfortunately, the ArcMap fails to execute this conversion. One of the reasons I found out was explained in the link below,

However, even after following the suggested steps,

  1. Open the desired KML file in Google Earth.
  2. Save the contents to a new KMZ file.
  3. Convert the new KMZ file to a layer using the KML To Layer conversion tool
    The ArcMap fails to execute the process and shuts down.

I would like to know if there are elements in the .SAFE folder that we can drag-drop in ArcMap in order to perform further spatial analysis post-processing the Sentinel data.

Hi Arnab,

The video may help you…