KOMPSAT-5 supports in SNAP


I would like to discuss how to include supports for KOMPSAT-5, Korean X-band SAR, in SNAP.
Is there anyone knows whom to contact?


Dear Moongyu, in general we try to support as many missions as we can that will help the most users. There are a few ways that Kompsat-5 support can get implemented.

The file format is similar to Cosmo-Skymed. It may take less than a week of work to create a reader and calibrator and test it. After the products are read in, all other functionality for insar, analysis, terrain correction, and applications, etc should just work with it.

You could contact KARI to fund development of the reader. You could ask Marcus Engdahl at ESA if it is inline with ESA’s plans and if they are willing to fund it. Or you could ask Array (me) to develop it for a few days worth of work.

Also, the software is open source so anyone could develop with it and then submit a pull request on github to contribute the modification to project.

Dear Iveci,

Thanks for your kind answer.

Is it possible for you to provide the contact information for Marcus Engdahl? Then we may check if ESA has a plan to include KOMPSAT-5 since KOMPSAT-5 is a part of Copernicus now.

Also if you can provide the ROM price for Array to develop, it will be very helpful for us to make decision in this regard.

Thanks again and best regards,


Hi @Moongyu,

I am just curious if you were able to use SNAP 5.0 for Kompsat-5, In release 5.0 It is claimed that a reader for Kompsat-5 has been included. Along other things from Sentinel-1 I am interested in using K-5 data for interferometry, would you share some of your insigh on this topic?


Can you explain how to geocode with KOMPSAT-5 ?

I sent a message about KOMPSAT-5 geocoding. Please check the message.