L2A at 10m Missing bands


I’ve upgraded SNAP to the version 3.0 and the plugin sen2cor to the version 2.2.1

When I perform the atmospheric correction using the resolution of 10m everything seems ok but as output I have not the band 10 (and it’s normal…) but I have not also the bands 1 and 9 …

it happened to any of you?

The spectral signatures and the DN values seem correct, the atmospheric correction seems ok …

It 'a bug of the new version or the new version does not process the bands 1 and 9?

Thank you all in advance!

It’s not a bug. The bands are missing on purpose.

The handbook (available at http://step.esa.int/thirdparties/sen2cor/2.2.1/S2PAD-VEGA-SUM-0001-2.2.pdf) explains:

The tile level contains different components, based on the user selected resolution:

  • a 10 m resolution product contains spectral bands 2, 3, 4 and 8 and an AOT map
    resampled from 20m
  • a 20 m product contains band 2 – 7, the bands 8a, 11 and 12 and an AOT and
    WV map
  • a 60m product contains all components of the 20m product and additionally the
    60m bands 1 and 9

Perfect, Thanks Val !!


run SEN2COR with 60m resolution then with 10m and you will have processed B2, B3, B4, B8 with 10m; B5, B6, B7, B8a, B11 and B12 with 20m resolution; and B1, B9 with 60m resolution. After that you can resample the image to 10m.