L2A DN values to BOA reflectances

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I have obtained L2A products of a tile with sen2corr. Now, I would like to convert DN values to BOA reflectances values, however I am not quite sure about the quantification value that I should use. In the xml file this value is set to 10000 and in some post of this forum someone recommend to use 2000. Please, could anybody clarify this issue?
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You can find the quantification value in the xml metadata file.
It looks like that


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does anyone know how to reference this conversion from the L2A output to the reflectances values??? I searched for ages, but were just able to find references for the L1C product conversion…

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If you mentioned to atmosphere correction, you may find some help in this doc https://earth.esa.int/c/document_library/get_file?folderId=349490&name=DLFE-4518.pdf

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but i mean something like the “Sentinel-2 – Level-2A Product Definition Document” where i hope topics like this conversion or the datatype (ranges) of the other quality-bands are explicitly explained. Does anyone have a clue where to get this?

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