L2A_GIPP parameters row0, col0, Aerosol_Type, Mid_Latitude can be always set to AUTO?

I am processing Sentinel-2 images to use with time series, mainly for agriculture.
Looking at the L2A_GIPP.xml file, which is used by Sen2cor to define processing parameters, I was wondering why the following parameters aren’t AUTO by default (row0, col0, Aerosol_Type, Mid_Latitude). Is there any contraindication to use them as “AUTO”?

    <!-- this defines a configurable Region of Interest (ROI) -->
        <!-- if row0 == OFF: standard processing without ROI detection -->
        <!-- if row0 == AUTO: region of interest is detected automatically via an algorithm -->
        <!-- else: row0, col0: specifies the midpoint of the region of interest -->
        <!-- if not OFF or AUTO: nrow_win, ncol_win defines a rectangle around the midpoint in pixel -->
        <!-- row0, col0, nrow_win and ncol_win must be integer divisible by 6, to prevent rounding errors for downsampling -->
        <!-- specify always a 10m resolution ROI, it will be automatically adapted to the lower resolutions -->

      <!-- RURAL, MARITIME, AUTO -->
      <!-- SUMMER, WINTER, AUTO -->
      <!-- The atmospheric temperature profile and ozone content in Dobson Unit (DU)
      	0: to get the best approximation from metadata
      	(this is the smallest difference between metadata and column DU),
      	else select one of:
        For midlatitude summer (MS) atmosphere:
        250, 290, 331 (standard MS), 370, 410, 450
        For midlatitude winter (MW) atmosphere:
        250, 290, 330, 377 (standard MW), 420, 460

Also, I’ve read (Sen2cor processing parameters missing in final product? - #2 by adriaan) that the used parameters are being provided when using Sen2cor 2.9.0 as output (Great!). But I would like to check which parameters were used on the L2A products provided in scihub coopernicus previously from the using Sen2cor 2.9.0. Is there any documentation I can confirm the used parameters?