[L2A] Visualisation error from ZIP file dragged into SNAP

Hello Colleagues,

A Copernicus User has identified an issue with a few L2A products retrieved from the DHUS. When the file is drag and dropped into SNAP, and opened, the 20m Bands are rendered incorrectly.

However, if the product is unzipped outside SNAP and then opened using the MTD_TL.xml within the product, the Bands are displayed correctly. Here’s a screenshot of my SNAP (Desktop/Engine 7.0.3):

On the left is an RGB made using Bands 05, 06, 07 from the zip file dragged and dropped. On the right is an RGB using the same product and RGB Band combination, but with the product being unzipped outside SNAP and then opened. The one on the right is OK.

The product I checked affected by this issue is

The User notes that


are also affected.

This is non-systematic issue.



S2 MPC Operations Manager