L2B BOA convert (dl) to Reflectance values)

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am a bit confused so if any one could help me in this plz.

To convert the dl of BOA L2B product to Reflectance values I shoul do the following:

Raster > Band Math > then writting this equation ( For example for B4) : B4 / 1000
as below:

But when I am previewing the spectral view for the pixcels it shows me the dl values ?

any idea if I am doing the wrong method to obtain the reflectance from BOA L2B bands ?


This conversion is true for data Sentinel-2A MSI L1C product for the case with QUANTIFICATION_VALUE (from metadata!) = 1000!


Just to be clear: the QUANTIFICATION VALUE in L1C products processed with Baseline 02.00 and 02.01 is 10000



S2 MPC Operations Manager

B4/10000 is the correct. Maybe your plot is from the previous image. Anyone found what’s wrong with TOA Reflectance Values?

I think that Daniel used the 1000 value (as default!) from documentation:
Always look at the QUANTIFICATION_VALUE from metadata!

@Igor @ph3758 @Jan Thanks for the reply…

I have used B4/10000 for L2C TOA and still getting the reflectance values as seen below !
I do not know what is the wrong …

Is there any python scrip ready to use for TOA and BOA refletance conversion I can use to perform the calculation instead of using the tool ?

Thanks for your time and help.