Lack of S3 OLCI MAR WRR near Real time (NR) passes offshore of the North America

Hello, wondering if someone could help us. We have noticed a lack of coverage and Sentinel 3A and 3B passes available on the Hub over the offshore areas of the United States, Bahamas, Mexico, really the entire North America over the past 3 months.

Specifically we have scripts to download the S3A and S3B WRR MAR OLCI Level 2 passes from the Hub within a large area around the East Coast of the. U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas areas, they used to be available like clockwork around 2-3pm Eastern Standard Time, when we needed them for our real time operations for the past 2-3 years. However, something happened or changed the past 2-3 months, where we maybe get ONE pass a week if we are lucky. Can anyone assist, did format change, location of data change, naming of files change? What did we miss?

Thank you, Matt Upton

Hello mattupton! I have the same problem, I think it’s related with the changes with the data acceses: Sentinel-3 data coming to the Data Store | EUMETSAT

I am working in download the data from the new option, all the files are avalible, but just now some data have problems with the reprojection.

Thank you for your response and assistance, I did some digging and looks like they are indeed coming in to the new Data Store in a timely manner. Can you confirm that they are being posted Near Real TIme (NR), like they used to in CODA? Within hour or two of the pass going over. IT it strange, Sentinel 3 OLCI Level 2 WRR still comes into CODA most everywhere on the globe Near Real time, Just not around North America. Do you know if this is just a conversion to all Sentinel 3 data to the Data Store?