LAI estimation in SNAP tool

how will I get “slope-effect corrected reflectances”… As it is mentioned in the manual of Landsat-8 biophysical processor of SNAP, to get optimal results we have to use this slope-effect corrected reflectance…
plz, help.

I am using a product of Landsat-8: LC08_L1TP_139046_20190310_20190325_01_T1

From the metadata file, I have got the geometry information like SUN_AZIMUTH = 130.2619
SUN_ELEVATION = 54.24… But to run the biophysical processor it needs extra three bands and they are:

  1. view_zenith_mean
  2. sun_zenith
  3. view_azimuth_mean
    can u plz say these values from the above mentioned two values as I have some confusion? If u say, I can recheck my calculations.

I have attached the metadata files.
LC08_L1TP_139046_20190310_20190325_01_T1_MTL.txt (8.4 KB) LC08_L1TP_139046_20190310_20190325_01_T1_ANG.txt (114.5 KB)

thank you.

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