LAI values



I am sorry but I didn’t find out the range for value of Leaf Area index. It seems to me that values should be from 0 to 1 from general description of LAI, however the calculated values in SNAP have values also 3 or 5 etc… So range is from 0 to 10 and why? thx for background…



Unlike NDVI, the Leaf area index refers to the area of green leaves per unit of ground area [m²/m²]. It can therefore be larger 1. I like the explanation given here:

The LAI of a plant canopy is defined as its leaf area per unit of ground area. In other words, it tells us how many layers of leaves would be on the ground if they would all fall down and be arranged exactly side by side. In the canopy, however, the leaves are not arranged side by side but more or less randomly. Therefore, even with a LAI greater than 1 there is some light reaching the ground.


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Ouu I get it… Great explanation. It is not a how much of 1 m² of ground is covered by leaves (from nadir), how it firstly looks like, but really total area of leaves which are growing on 1 m²…