Land displacement and subsidence analysis of SENTINEL 1 data

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I’m interested to do the process of land subsidence and displacement analysis using SENTINEL 1 data.which type of data( like which modes,polarization,sensing mode) can be use to execute the process and how the process can be do for the analysis

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you need SLC products for this, one polarization (preferably VV) is sufficient.

The steps to generate an interferogram are described in this tutorial:

To convert it to absolute phase changes, the interferogram must be unwrapped.
Unwrapping itself is demonstrated here: SNAPHU Unwrapping
Then you import the unwrapped phase back into SNAP (described here: Problem in Snaphu Import section)
Lastly, you perform “phase to displacement” to get the change along the line of sight.

Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I have greatly benefited from it.

But I need to take some steps further, which I am not very clear with at the moment. I want to monitor subsidence for over a period of 4 years. Please, what further steps can I take to achieve this goal.

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Have you seen this topic? Subsidence map in 3d view

Yes! But to my understanding there was place where interferogram stacking, or historical subsidence monitoring techniques was mentioned. I look forward to further supports.

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a suggestion on how to combine the deformations of several image pairs is made in this tutorial:

But note that this was created using NEST and some of the steps (unwrapping, phase to deformation) are now easier to achieve.