Land surface temperature expressed in to kelvin degrees

How can I translate the LST layer in the S3A_SL_2_LST … product into degrees kelvin?
From the metadata, it would seem that multiply LST layer values for scal factor = 0.002 and sum up the amount add_ofset = 290.0.
These two scale factors seem constant for each acquisition.
We also talk about land surface temperatures, so can I consider the LST data already correct atmospheric?
Thank you for your the reply.

LST is already given in Kelvin if you open the product in SNAP.
I’m not sure if for the retrieval of the LST an AC is needed. Haven’t found no information in the documentation by a quick look. You can dig a bit deeper.

Thank you very much for your reply.
It’s as you say about SNAP raster reading, but when I export I find other values.
However, these values appropriately dealt with the scale coefficients are the same as those seen in SNAP.
Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, when exporting for example to GeoTiff, the raw values are exported (saves disk space). And then the you need to apply the factor and offset

It’s all clear thanks a lot.
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