Landsat 4, 5 TM data atmospheric correction

Hi there,

I loaded a test scene (Scene: LT51760361984104ESA00,quality: L1T) from a Landsat 5 mission into SNAP.

Now I want to perform atmospheric correction ideally using the LEDAPS algorithm.

I cannot find anything in the online help.

Could anybody point me in the right direction?

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Hi Lars,
I don’t think that LEDAPS is implemented in SNAP.
Currently, only Sentinel-2 data can be correcred regarding atmospheric effects in SNAP, as far as I know.

I can recommend the Semiautomatic Classification Plugin for QGIS if you want to convert DNs into radiances.

I looked into the Semiautomatic Classification plugin, but all it does is DOS1 processing.

I thought, there must be a way, maybe through integration of LEDAPS via python adapter.

It is strange that there is so little info out there… There must be more people interested in Landsat 4, 5 legacy scenes processed to surface reflectance from esa, as these are not available at usgs…

that’s right…
I also wanted to use LEDAPS once (you had to register as a Principal User), but was told that the whole LEDAPS thing would be no longer supported.
I saw some custom LEDAPS implementations on GitHub but didn’t try any of them so far.

You can request SR processing from Also, Landsat SR downloaded from ESPA is partially present in Google Earth Engine (we are requesting it for all available Landsat scenes, and should have limited global coverage in a few more months).

@ snap developers: is there a product reader available to import Landsat-8 OLI atmospherically corrected data (LC8SR)? SNAP report the error “No appropriate product reader found” when trying to open ‘xml’ metafile for this product. As result TIF bands have to be opened separately.


Honestly, I didn’t know that LC8SR data exists.
So I think this answers your question :wink: No there is no such reader.
Is this created with this LEDAPS thing or can it be downloaded from ESAP?

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The LC8SR dataset can be requested on EarthExplorer through a free on-demand processing (ESPA). From on the ‘Data Sets’ tab, expand the ‘Landsat Archive’ section and select ‘Landsat Surface Reflectance - L8 OLI’ (
Product is queued, processed and you get notified by e-mail about product availability for download.

The code USGS uses is here. It’s a fork of ledaps (for pre-L8 assets).

Maybe updated their search parameters since Sep '16, but it seems ordering L8 SR data is now under ‘Data Sets > Landsat Archive > Collection 1 Higher-Level (On-Demand).’

That being said, it seems you must use python to download this data via ESPA-bulk-downloader. I am wondering if anyone has had any success using Anaconda2 downloading these products and if they are willing to provide the steps to making it work. I would like to use Anaconda2 due to sen2cor’s reliance instead of downloading another python program (Python 27 used for ESPA-bulk-downloader).